We believe there is no dream too big or aim too high for a strong and determined Mom. Here at MommyWholesale, we are huge supporters of small business. We love reading success stories of boutiques and shops that started small and became successful. We exist to help women start successful businesses. We encourage women to thrive in their own careers while taking care of a family. We understand that being a mom and working can be difficult. Our line of NGIL bags are easy to sell online. Whether you decide to sell them as is or start a monogram or personalization business, MommyWholesale is with you every step of the way. While our bags are unique (you won’t find anything like them in any big box store) there are even more ways of personalizing our products. Monogramming is a great way to add a little luxury—and big profits—to your embroidery business. All you need is the right equipment, training, and support. Monograms present a huge opportunity for retailers to offer a type of customization to customers. Contact us to find out how you can easily start your business with coffee in one hand, ambition in the other.
November 20, 2020 by Maisy Dawson
30 of the Trendiest Face Masks of 2020

30 of the Trendiest Face Masks of 2020

Face masks all over the country have now become a requirement and although many of us want things to go back to normal we are still trying our best to make sure we’re helping stop the spread of Covid-19. By wearing masks and practicing social distancing many of us are becoming adjusted to the new “normal”. Many have even adapted the use of face masks when going out whether it’s for going out to run errands, walks, or even going to work. Because of this most of us want to still look fashionable while out and about. Mommy Wholesale now has over 30 designed non-medical masks. Each one is wildly cute and unique for any person. These masks are made of a soft polyester blend with a comfortable and breathable cotton inner lining.

Our face masks feature fun and whimsical designs, starting with one of our newest additions. Our Cow Sunflower Print is farmhouse chic. Easy to dress this print up or down and it even matches our cow and sunflower print tote bags. If you’re looking for a kid-friendly design we have 3 perfect options for you. Our Tractor Print features a bright green tractor on a gray mask. The Construction Print is perfect for kids. Don’t forget to check out our Happy Camper Mask which is brightly colored and adorned with pink, white and grey campers.

Want a mask that has more of a pop of color then the floral print mask is perfect for going out and having fun. For animal lovers we have Puppy Masks, Horse Masks, and Flamingo Masks. Make sure to grab your favorite print today.

October 12, 2020 by Maisy Dawson
2020s Best Leopard Print Bags for Fall

2020s Best Leopard Print Bags for Fall

When it comes to animal prints, leopard is king of the jungle. There’s something mysterious and magical about leopard print. Leopard Print has been in style since the 80s and will continue to be a big hit every season. From the 80’s to the 00’s to now seems like Leopard print is here to stay and loved by all ages. We, at Mommywholesale.com pounced on the Leopard Print trend to bring you our Wild Leopard Collection. This collection includes a utility bag, makeup cases, travel pouches, tote bags, and mini backpacks. We love the idea of a leopard bag for fall. Dress these bags up or down.
Leopard print can be paired with any color and it is on trend summer, spring, fall, or winter. Grab one of our Everyday Shopping Tote Bags for a day around town. Want to be trendy mama? We have the perfect leopard print diaper. Pick a bag, backpack or even garment bag that will make your style and life pop out even more. Our leopard print collection is one of the most cutest and stylish prints we currently have in stock. Need a cute and trendy backpack for the amusement park or just for a small road trip then browse and choose our mini canvas leopard print backpack. Comes with two sections so you can carry your most basic necessities.
The best part of our Wild Leopard print? No beautiful animals were harmed to make our leopard print bags. We care about the environment and the quality of our tote bags. Our tote bags are cruelty free. These tote bags are perfect for Animal lovers, Leopard lovers, and anyone that wants to be stylish without having to harm any beautiful creatures. Mommy Wholesale is dedicated to bringing their customers beautiful styles while also being cruelty free and making sure that many of the bags are at affordable prices for their dedicated and loyal customers

The Perfect School Backpacks and Lunch Bags

The Perfect School Backpacks and Lunch Bags

Choosing a school backpack for the little ones can be a hard decision. You need a backpack that will be durable, spacious, and stylish. MommyWholesale has the most unique designs, patterns, and colors, in the coolest styles. Our newest styles feature tractors, sharks, and even unicorns. Choose a matching Ngil lunch bag with your backpack. Keep your lunch fresh and delicious with a little help from an NGIL bag unlike any other. The insulated design ensures everything is kept cool and crisp so that it always tastes fresh. Thanks to our exclusive wholesale options, it has never been easier to find the perfect lunch bag! As the school year approaches and summer ends, it is time to back to school shop before all the great deals are gone. We are proud of our wholesale prices and guarantee that you will not break the bank shopping around for the perfect school supplies. 

September 11, 2020 by Lauren Grant
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The Perfect Bag for Home Health Nurses and Aides

The most essential thing a home health nurse carries is a bag. A nursing bag is filled with the most essential and important tools to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort. Some of the best and most useful home health nurse bags can be found at Mommywholesale. Whether a nurse or aide is looking for a conveniently sized bag to fit their needs, Mommywholesale has an array of different sizes, patterns, and bag styles to choose from. 

Each patient is different so every nurse has a different need that must be met when choosing a work bag. Our Caddy Totes and utility Tote bags are perfect due to the roomy interior of the bags as well as the amount of pockets. 

When visiting a medical office the first person to greet you besides the receptionist are  the wonderful nurses who ask how you’ve been feeling lately and often are the ones who take your vitals before the doctor has the chance to see you. They do their best to ensure that you are feeling comfortable and rely on the resources they have in their offices, but what about the at home nurses that often have to carry their medical equipment from house to house? At home nurses and caregivers often have to carry their medical belongings, their medical tools and medicines along with their patients records in one bag or tote. The bag they carry from home to home is one of the most important and essential items they carry because their entire work is in that bag. 

The Nurse Life NGIL Zippered Caddy Organizer Tote Bag is a cute style tote bag for anyone who works in the medical profession especially for home caregivers and at home nurses. The small caddy tote has various pockets and zipper closure. It’s cute and lightweight but durable enough to ensure that a nurse's items don’t fall out. The caddy tote even sports a keyring so any nurse or caregiver can easily place their keys instead of holding them or storing them in their pants pocket. The style is small enough for nurses who only have one or two patients to visit and want to easily place their medical tools, needed or important medication and their patients medical records all in one bag.

The small utility tote comes in a variety of prints that is sure to reflect the nurse or caregiver carrying the bag. Although the utility tote is small compared to some of the other bags Mommy Wholesale carries it is still efficient for everyday use. The small utility tote can be used by caregivers for their small medical equipment, carry any of their own personal belongings.

August 21, 2020 by Maisy Dawson
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Why MommyWholesale is the Leading Small Town Gift Shop Supplier

MommyWholesale is the leading Gift Shop Supplier. With thousands of styles updated daily, Mommywholesale is sure to have the latest trends to bring customers through your door. We at MommyWholesale are big advocates of small businesses. We started off as a small business and through the support of our loyal customers we have all grown together. Due to the support and loyalty of our customers we can now return the favor and supply them with the best wholesale bags at a low price. Most of our loyal customers are small hometown pharmacies, boutiques, online shops, and hospital gift shops. 

Hospital gifts shops are often filled with visitors who purchase flowers, plush animals, and various small gifts for the person they may be visiting at the moment. Hospital gift shops are highly important and very popular amongst visitors and hospital employees who make up over 75% of the customers.These employees want more than a 'gift' shop. They’re not just looking for gifts' they also look to use the hospital gift store. One of the most successful businesses we have had the pleasure of growing with are small hometown pharmacies and hospital gift shops. A gift shop is the perfect place to find fresh flowers, gifts, balloons, greeting cards, infant and women's clothing, lotions, and other gift items for patients, visitors, and staff. We offer a vast selection of gifts for nurses and healthcare workers. 

Our most popular nurse bag is our Nurse Caddy Tote Organizer which is available in our three favorite Nurse themed prints. Mommy Wholesale carries small cosmetic nurse theme bags to large market tote bags that can be used for any of your essential needs. We not only feature nurse themed bags, we also specialize in gifts for moms, kids, and everyone else in the family. In need of an affordable but cute gift for a friend? Mommy Wholesale has the perfect gift for last minute events that your friends and family members are sure to love. We supply seasonal as well as get-well and baby items designed for loved ones who are in the hospital

Gift shops and hometown pharmaceuticals are a place of wonders and varieties. From carrying one's medical needs to last minute gifts. Stop into your local pharmacy for a quality gift item that is unique.  

Our popular Nurse Caddy Tote Organizer can be used for almost anything. From organizing your personal essentials to gifting to a loved one who works in the medical field. 

In many small hometowns, small business owners thrive due to the loyalty and respect of the customers they often receive. Small town boutiques and pharmaceutical stores try their very best in order to ensure that they have the best items for their customers in order to keep them happy when shopping. As the leading small town shop supplier, we also have the trendiest items readily available.

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Affordable Stylish Cruelty Free Faux Leather Vegan Bags on Sale

Here at MommyWholesale, we carry many different collections including our cute Farmhouse Tote Collection which feature all of our farm friends. We are also proud to announce that we also carry our own collection of Vegan Leather Bags. They may have the same stylish look and feel of real lather but they are made cruelty free and with the environment in mind. Vegan leather and faux leather are the same thing – it is basically a fake 'leather' material that does not use animal skin.There is a range of materials that can be used to make vegan leather including synthetics like plastic and natural materials such as cork. We use a common material known as PVC to create our beautiful faux leather bags. This process allows our bags to be even more affordable and accessible to you. 

Even if animal rights don’t particularly suit the causes you typically support, vegan leather also has the benefit of versatility. It can be created to suit many styles ranging from matte to shiny finishes. It’s also easy to care for; simply soften with a dab of vinyl conditioner and a dry cloth then you’re done! Our collection ranges from simple tote bags to wallets and everything in between.

If you’re looking for a backpack, check out our Taupe Gray NGIL Faux Leather Mini Backpack perfect for a hands free day. You don’t have to compromise fashion with this stylish mini backpack. Carry all everyday essentials whether you're traveling or just having a shopping strip around town. We have a wide range of Affordable Vegan Leather Tote Bags perfect if you're looking to save some money or looking to buy in bulk. These faux leather bags are a great size for all your necessities and everyday items.Why should you choose our bags? Our Faux Leather bags are special because they are monogrammable. Personalize any of these purses to match your style. Looking for the perfect Vegan Leather evening bag without sacrificing your style, check out our  Wholesale Faux Leather Crossbody Clutch Bags, with the flexible strap, that adjust with a slider, these faux leather crossbody clutch bags can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. These crossbody bags are perfect teen age girls, mothers, etc and would make a perfect birthday or wedding gift.

Not only are our Vegan Handbags affordable and fashion forward, but they make excellent graduation gifts, gifts for coworkers, and are perfect items to carry in any boutique. Find your perfect everyday purse. All of our faux leather handbags are ethical and fabulous. Personalize any faux leather bag and add an extra touch of care for your gift.Whether the holidays are approaching, you need last minute gift ideas, or you want to impress the lucky lady in your life you should consider buying a handbag as a gift. Whether you as a woman is looking to buy a bag for your family member or friend; or a guy wanting to impress your girlfriend, we've got you covered with our great selections.
School Fundraiser Planning Wholesale Products on Sale Buy in Bulk for Cheap Big Profit

School Fundraising Ideas We Love

Looking for the easiest, most effective fundraiser for your team, school, or group? We have the best School Fundraising Wholesale opportunity for you. Now that you have decided to hold a fundraiser it is time to choose the right fundraising products for your cause. Mommy Wholesale makes picking the right items fun and easy.We have a wide assortment of wholesale fundraising products. We have many different products ranging from tote bags, handbags, wallets, organizers, kids school backpacks and so much more.

We have fundraiser products designed for small groups and fundraising products designed for large groups. Mommywholesale offers the highest profit potential possible. We will cater to your specific fundraising needs, just give us a call and find out what we can do for you. Not convinced? We offer fundraising opportunities for schools, youth groups, church groups, clubs, sports teams, breast cancer awareness, cancer research, and other great causes. Ask us how you can have access to our special fundraising packages and pricing. We pride ourselves in our ability to supply bulk discount fundraising items and wholesale donor & volunteer recognition gifts and incentives at very competitive prices.

Whether you are looking for fundraising ideas, have fans in the stands, students in class or clients to impress, we have everything you need to score extra points, Our bags are designed to be personalized. Whether you have a monogramming fundraising idea or just want to make our bags even more personal, any of our NGIL products will be sure to be a hot seller. With a variety of styles and prints, patterns or themes you will have a wide selection to fit your demographic.

There are a lot of different fundraising items from which to choose. As long as the items are useful or fun, chances are people will buy them. Our NGIL bags are unique and feature fun and bright patterns and prints you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We constantly update our inventory with the hottest trends. Our collections are special and timeless and can easily become collectibles. Don’t miss out on your chance to run the most successful fundraiser for your group. 

We believe in your cause and stand by all of our clients. This is why we give you access to special fundraising deals. We want what’s best for you and help you make your customers happy and satisfied. MommyWholesale is a proud official NGIL product distributor,and we work hard to offer you wholesale prices. We will work even harder to ensure that fundraising distributors get factory-direct prices that make fundraising affordable and equitable for schools. Don’t hesitate to contact our team to begin your successful fundraising event.

June 05, 2020 by Tiffany Hart
Wholesale Dog and Pet Lovers Cheap Handbags and Totes, Wholesale Bulk Dog Bags, Wholesale Pet Gifts, Cheap Pet Lovers Gift Ideas, Blue Floral Puppy Purse

The Perfect Gifts for Pet Lovers Under $20

Dogs and many other pets are amazing creatures that are often there for us despite any mood that we’re in. They often give us their undivided attention and shower us with their unconditional love. From regular dog lovers to overprotective pet parents there is always the difficult quest of finding the perfect gift for either yourself or someone else. Well now you can show your love for dogs with our collection of dog inspired bags, wallets, totes, duffel bags and backpacks all featuring man's best friend - your dog! 

Our beautiful puppy collection comes in 3 different designs  and various styles including the Floral Puppy Print, Puppy Paws with gold accents and our Puppy Happy Beach Day Print. Our bags range from 20”/23” inch duffle bags, totes, backpack to a more minimal use such as small cosmetic cases, mini backpacks , and so much more!

Our Floral Puppy Print Bags are whimsical and unique. Perfect for any spring or summer outing. Show them off on the runway or the doggy park. Our Floral Puppy NGIL Zippered Caddy Organizer Tote Bag, is perfect for a picnic at the park because of all of the compartments. Perfect for organizing your items and the accessories for your four legged friends . 

Have you or anyone you know ever gone to the market and forgotten to take your reusable bags or ever thought most of your items will only fit into one small tote bag? Well with the Floral Puppy Mega Shopping Utility Tote Bag you won’t have to struggle with your items when shopping ever again! Made of durable canvas material that’s easy to wipe clean, this bag also has two  mesh pockets on each side to carry your water bottles or any small item you may want to put away. A smaller version of this shopping tote is available as the Floral Puppy NGIL Utility Bag. This wonderful bag measures approx.: 23 "L X 11.5 "D X 12.5 "H. Perfect utility tote for picnics, beach bag, camping bag, shopping bag, weekender bag, storage basket, travel bags, and even as a toy basket. These bags make excellent car and home organizers. Perfect for long road trips. 

If you or your little one are looking for a cute backpack to show off your love for puppies why not check out our adorable puppy backpacks. Our puppy prints are unique and will stand out amongst any ordinary backpack.

Check out our full selection of dog print bags and dog print accessories. We love all animals and feature many Animal-themed Handbags and totes be sure to check all our animals in the farm.
The Perfect Appreciation Gift For Nurses and Healthcare Workers

The Perfect Appreciation Gift For Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Nurses play an important part in our communities and someone who passionately helps others for a living deserves the best gifts that will make them feel loved and greatly appreciated! MommyWholesale appreciates every healthcare worker in the front lines.

During this unfortunate time hospitals and clinics have been increasingly overwhelmed with sick patients and more than often the nurses are short staffed and overwhelmed with emotions.Having to hide how exhausted and scared they are in order to show a brave face to many patients. Dedicating themselves to ensure their patients will once again be happy, healthy and safe. Please don’t forget to thank the ones who care for you or others especially in this time of need.

Our wholesale nurse print bags include cute prints with nurse related themes and nurse uniform themed bags as well. There are a variety of bag styles to choose from whether you are looking for a nurse print insulated lunch bag, a nurse print cosmetic pouch to carry small essentials, or a nurse print utility tote for larger items. Our wholesale nurse bags also come in many different colors and are easy to match with any uniform.

MommyWholesale prides itself in keeping wholesale prices. Why not use this large discount and buy matching sets of our nurse print bags or buy in bulk. We have plenty of nurse appreciation gifts for under $10. You will be able to find unique and monogrammable gifts for nurses and healthcare workers. We have the best gifts for nurses for nurse's week 2020, holidays or any time of the year. We have something for every budget!

Help us recognize those who are fighting on the frontlines during the covid-19 pandemic. Here are some of our favorite heroes in the frontlines. The love and support is strong. Thank you to all of our heroes. We will never stop appreciating you.

And an extra special thank you to Annetta Rossini for providing the pictures of these wonderful nurses.