Custom Wholesale Sorority Totes and Bags Apparel

Stand out on college campus with custom backpacks, tote bags, duffel bags, and more featuring your sorority or fraternity letters. We offer various prints and colors in many wonderful NGIL products.
What better way to celebrate with your sorority sisters than to custom order a tote bag from us for your entire house.
As a wholesale company we cater to retail stores which is why we offer wholesale prices. While we don’t limit who can purchase from us we do honor the prices we offer on our website. This is convenient for sororities and fraternities with very specific budgets.
Want to order custom NGIL bags for your chapter? Contact us and ask how to order custom Fraternity and Sorority products.
We offer live chat support through our ZenDesk Chat located on our website as well as express 10-minute email service (available Mon-Fri 8:30 AM-5:00 PM PST) or call us toll free at 888-382-8118

Wholesale Personalized Your Tote Bags

Here are MommyWholesale, we are huge supporters of small business. We love reading success stories of boutiques and shops that started small and became successful. MommyWholesale is a great source for anyone who wants to start a business. While our bags are unique (you won’t find anything like them in any big box store) there are even more ways of personalizing our products. Monogramming is a great way to add a little luxury—and big profits—to your embroidery business. All you need is the right equipment, training, and support. Monograms present a huge opportunity for retailers to offer a type of customization to customers. People are creative and want to express themselves any way they can. They want to make their pieces theirs. Monograms have a personality much like the people that use them.
August 14, 2019 by Ashley Garcia