New Year Resolution: Stay Organized

Looking for organization inspiration? Turn your organization's resolutions into reality this New Year. Sometimes we need a little inspiration to help motivate the declutter process. Make this New Year the year you stay organized. Create a sustainable organizing system with our wide variety of organizing tote bags and utility totes. 

For our organizing moms, we believe the most convenient tote this year will be our most popular Large Utility Totes and Our Utility Bags. Our Large Utility Totes are mostly known for their versatility and style. These Large tote bags are for all busy moms who need facilitation in their lives. The four outer pockets make it the perfect bag to carry everything you need. The side velcro pockets make it easy for all moms to hold baby bottles when they are out and about with the baby. 

If you’re at home and have been planning on organizing that closet you’ve been putting off for a while, you absolutely need our Utility Bag. This Utility Bag helps keep all storage organized. It can be used for laundry or can be used as a reusable grocery bag. This utility tote is capable of holding heavy loads so it makes the perfect storage bin or toy box. 

Thinking about reorganizing your vanity mirror? Our wide range of cosmetic cases make the perfect tools to help keep your hair tools and makeup organized. Use our large cosmetic cases to hold all your makeup brushes in place so you won’t have to lose them again. Our small top cosmetic cases not only make a great storage kit for makeup, makeup brushes, or skincare kits, but we have a large variety of prints that can be mixed and matched to fit your vanity aesthetic. 


January 04, 2022 — Tiffany Hart

Winter Wonderbags ❄️

With Christmas fast approaching, the gift rush is now peaking. If you are feeling confused about what to gift your loved ones, feel inspired with our easy to monogram glitter bags. Our glitter bags make the perfect gift that is cruelty-free and durable to last a lifetime. Gifting this holiday season is a reflection of your taste and choice preference. So why not show off your creative side and give your loved ones a personalized glitter bag. Trust the experts, we know your loved ones will appreciate the thoughtful gift.

This year, we have picked out one of our favorite glitter duffel bags that we know will make the perfect gift. Gift the GLE420-SLV to your favorite cheerleader or your best friend. This duffel bag has enough inner and outer pockets for anyone's convenience. Our next pick is the GLE821-ROY. This glitter tote is the perfect winter blue to fit all winter outfits. It also makes the best gift if you get it personalized for that special someone. Our glitter tote bags are not only stylish but so versatile. Looking for a bag to help your vacation trip feel easier?

The TUK403-GRY backpack is exactly what you need this holiday season to help you with your traveling needs. It helps fit all traveling supplies and makes the perfect carry-on bag. 

During the holiday rush, many of us are currently holiday shopping and need to move quickly and swiftly. Making sure that we don’t leave our wallets behind to make purchases P1058-GRY is the perfect bag when holiday shopping or spending time with family. This faux leather grey handbag is also the perfect gift for friends and family.

The leather tassels add a hint of cuteness and are large and spacious enough to carry your important belongings. The SNM838-NVY weekender bag is the perfect gift for those who love the winter wonderland aesthetic and want to be around it all year long. This weekender duffle has faux leather handles and removable straps for anyone’s convenience. Last but not least is the midday tote bag in our design SNM731-NVY surrounded by cute little snow people bringing a smile to anyone who owns it. With its various outside pockets, you can store little trinkets or cute extra gifts of your liking. 

December 20, 2021 — Autumn Graham

Why We Love Neoprene Bags!

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The next trendist flexible and stylish bag is making its way to Mommywholesale! Neoprene bags are made up of soft, thick, flexible, and simplistic material. You're going to want to get your hands on these bags as soon as we bring them in. Neoprene is a strong fabric that will not rip or tear, it is water and weather resistant, perfect for all year round. On top of being strong and weather resistant it is also light weight, soft, and flexible, for easy get away trips, and shopping sprees. This neoprene material will be used in our soon to come, totes, duffles, cosmetic bags, and caddy organizer bags. Neoprene bags will be a game changer in your daily life. Our Neoprene bags will provide your daily look with style, comfort, and versatility to wear and accessorize with for every occasion, from errands, to beach trips, to date nights! Despite all the things these bags you'll soon have in your hands have to offer, they are machine washable! By summer you will definitely want to own one.These neoprene bags are also very durable consisting of a cushioned material that is made to protect your delicate and essential items you carry in your bag.You know that stuff your yoga mat is made of? Well that is the same exact material used for these beautiful soon to come bags. Honestly, it is also the perfect bag for the gym! We're telling you it will be the perfect bag for your busy daily life, to your weekend getaways. MommyWholesale will be bringing these bags from the summery colorful prints, to the solid simplistic hues. These bags will not go out of style, and you will never get tired of its soft touch, and it’s capacity to hold so much. So keep an eye out for when we drop our new neoprene bags because you'll want to be hopping onto this next trend.  


December 13, 2021 — Lauren Grant

Trend Alert: Guitar Straps

Trend Alert! Are you ready to take your favorite purse to the next level? Meet: The Guitar Strap. Renew your handbag with a durable statement piece!

Our new guitar strap is suitable for all your preferred messenger bags or crossbody bags of all sizes. It's not only stylish but also very versatile for your everyday wear, date nights, and useful for traveling. When it comes to traveling, this adjustable guitar strap will make it much easier to locate your bag.  This style was designed to instantly refresh your look effortlessly and even provide comfort to your shoulders.  However, this guitar strap can be used not only for looking fashionable with your handbags! But also can be used as a camera strap for photographers. Do you ever feel like your handbag strap is too long? Always considering returning the bag because the strap length isn’t how you like? Our stylish guitar inspired straps are the perfect fix for all your handbag emergencies. Our Vegan Leather Hybrid Bags already come with our functional guitar strap. This colorful guitar strap is made with faux leather detailing and can also be replaced with our detachable Leopard Guitar Strap. Our straps can be mixed and matched with any canvas messenger bag or vegan crossbody bag. Make all your old purses look brand new. You will be surprised to see what one guitar strap can do for multiple bags. Our Vegan Leather Hybrid Bags are easy to monogram so they can be personalized to your liking and the guitar shoulder strap allows you to instantly add a personal touch to your bag. Our Vegan Leather Hybrid Bags have the vintage look that is currently in style. The bags are not too flashy and add a nice simple touch to any outfit. The guitar straps are interchangeable meaning you don’t have to stick with one strap for the purse. Change the straps to your own personal liking.


November 23, 2021 — Zoey Collins

Bags We Are Thankful For

It’s that time of year where it gets a little cooler, and everywhere we go it is filled with love and joy. Here at MommyWholesale we know how exciting Thanksgiving dinner can be, and of course to let our friends and family members know just how grateful we are for them. But let's not forget our favorite and most useful bags of the season! I mean come on, we use our bags every single day, they help us out a ton! Just like our Solid black NGIL Faux Leather Duffle Bag (P1062-Blk). It will save your life this Thanksgiving. We all make small trips whether it is to our parents house or a friendsgiving trip, it will fit anything you will need for your small trip. Cute outfits? Check, we can't forget the matching shoes, check, oh and the warm blankets! check. In fact, it can even fit extra bags! Like our Brown Faux Leather Handbag (P1181-BRN). It is the perfect bag to carry around while you are shopping for your dinner entrees, or for showing up to your Thanksgiving gatherings. It is spacious enough to carry an extra sweater, or store your scarf and gloves while you cherish those unforgettable memories.  

Let's give them pumpkin to talk about this Thanksgiving! Our Crosshatch Gray NGIL Casserole Bags (XD392-GRY) are stylish and practical to hold your dinner dishes. You won’t have to worry about any spills in the car anymore. Our crosshatch gray casserole bags can fit most meals and will simplify your traveling this holiday season. Our casserole bags are also great for holding large dishes. If you plan on packing heavy and cooking at a relatives house this holiday season, our Crosshatch Gray NGIL Mega Shopping Utility Tote Bag (XD809-GRY) is our most functional bag for your traveling needs. It’s water resistant and is extendable for taller dishes. It has enough space to hold all your groceries for your Thanksgiving dinner. Not only is it convenient for any use but it is also convenient to store away. The metal frames help the bag stay sturdy and helps prevent wrinkles or damages when being stored away. 

Giving thanks and being thankful is what we are dedicated to, here at MommyWholesale. What better way to gift your friends and family with some of our fall favorite accessories to show them how thankful you are for them? We handpicked the Brown Faux Leather NGIL Wallet (P1185-BRN) for you because we know how little wallets make the perfect thank you gift. This wallet has plenty of ID slots to hold any credit cards, debit cards or ID’s safe and at reach. It is also spacious enough to hold a phone so you can have a free hand. Its detachable wrist strap helps you keep your wallet safe at all times. We think this makes the perfect little appreciation gift because it is easy to monogram so you can personalize it just for that special person. Another item we handpicked is the Taupe Gray NGIL Faux Leather Bag (P877-TGY). This bag is a 2- in-1deal! Its beautiful faux leather will match most fall outfits this season and will surely show the thankful gesture. It is also easy to monogram so what better way to show how grateful you are than with a thoughtful gift? It makes the perfect gift for mom! Here at mommywholesale, this is a bag we are thankful for. 

No matter what you need, MommyWholesale is here to help when you need us! Not just this holiday season, but everyday. We are thankful that you place your trust in us every season for any occasion. From our family to yours, may blessings be yours this Thanksgiving. 


November 11, 2021 — Tiffany Hart

Our Fall Worthy Bag Picks

It’s that wonderful time of the year again. Ready for fun activities for the whole family. Here are some Ngil bags to help with your season’s activities.

Pumpkin Patches and Apple Picking 

Spice, Spice baby. As pumpkin spice latte season approaches, we have the best year round accessories to match your favorite Falltivities. Our favorite tote for this fall season is the Cowboy Large NGIL Collection Tote Bag (CBO909L-BLK). It has all the rich warm colors that remind us of Autumn. It’s spacious enough to hold all your belongings plus any extra goodies you pick up on your apple picking stroll. An apple a day keeps
Another product we have hand picked for your pumpkin patch trip this year is the Jute/Juco NGIL Mega Shopping Utility Tote Bag (MA809-KHA). This large utility tote is large enough to help carry all the pumpkins you pick up at the patch. Not only is this Mega Tote living up to its name with it’s large size and durable canvas material but it also comes in many of our fall appropriate prints and patterns.

Farmer’s Market and Harvest Festival 

Staying home is so 2020. Take a trip to your local farmers market in style with our Dark Orange NGIL Faux Leather Mini Backpack (P1034-DOR). This comfortable mini backpack can be paired with your favorite fall dress. This orange backpack just gives the perfect Fall statement that will have everyone falling for you. Farmers market trips are going to be easy this season with the help of our Tribal NGIL Utility Bag (ROD603-BLK). This utility tote is spacious and sturdy enough to hold all your farmers market pickup. It’s perfect for your apple and pumpkin patch picking trips. Say goodbye to plastic bags and hello to environmentally friendly and reusable utility totes.
The Light Brown NGIL Messenger Clutch (P1236-LBR) reminds us of the fall leaves and we think it makes the perfect accessory to make your fall outfit pop. It has golden accents that stand out and will match your favorite golden jewelry. We believe this clutch will have you looking dazzling on all your date nights, even the leaves will be falling for you.

 Parades and Football Games 

Many stadiums require clear or see through bags or purses. We got you covered with this pick, our Taupe Gray College Clear Crossbody NGIL Stadium Bag (P1120-TGY) is perfect for football games during the fall. If you’re in the market for a basket to carry all of those delicious treats to your next tailgate then look no further than our Football NGIL Canvas, Shopping, Market, Picnic Basket (FTQ696-BLK). This market basket is adorned with a football pattern. The handles are comfortable enough to carry bulky food items.
October 20, 2021 — Lauren Grant

Our Halloween Favorites

Back when we were kids, everyone carried a pumpkin bag or a pillow case, ready to fill with candy. As an adult who's no longer on the candy hunt, that's a little trickier; who wants to spoil the perfect Halloween outfit with a boring purse. We’ve got you covered.

Here are some of our favorite Halloween outfits with the perfect matching NGIL purse so you can Trick or treat yo' self.

Leopard Hallow-Queen

One of our favorite Halloween costumes is a Wild leopard or a cute kitty. These 2 NGIL bags are the perfect match for these options. First we have Leopard Print NGIL Canvas Tote Bag (LEO821-BLK) and Wild Leopard NGIL Faux Leather Mini Backpack (PLPD1034-BLK). This tote bag is made from comfortable canvas material, perfect if you’re taking the kiddos out trick or treating and need to carry the necessities. The items you carry in this tote will be easy to grab especially when you are running up and down the street with hyperactive kids filled with sugar.The mini backpack is made from our cruelty free faux leather material so you can have a guilt free holiday. Fill it with your party needs or all of the treats for the special day.

Cowgirl Chic

We love the cowgirl chic look for Halloween. Our first product for this iconic look is our Cow Print Infinity Scarf, it is the perfect accessory for a cold halloween night. Our second product is our Brown Faux Leather Fashion Handbag (P1181-BRN) that is comfortable and large enough to carry all your Halloween goodies whether it’s a party or a night out trick or treating with the kids. Our final pick for the look is our Cow Print NGIL Faux Leather Scallop Fashion Bag (PCOF826-BLK) Cute and chic and a perfect add to an outfit if you don’t really want to wear a halloween costume. Carry this purse around while out and about the scariest night of the year. 

Witchful Thinking

One of the most popular costumes for Halloween is a witch costume. We chose these 3 bags to coordinate with your witch costume. Our first pick is this Dark Gray NGIL Faux Leather Mini Backpack. This mini backpack is not bulky and won’t ruin your outfit. It's the perfect size to carry a wallet, car keys, extra makeup, and treats. The next purse we chose for this witchy look Black Scalloped Top Faux Leather Crossbody Bag. This purse is the best option for someone wanting a more classic and polished look. Wear it as a shoulder bag, or a crossbody purse. It's the perfect purse for someone looking for versatility. The Dark Orange NGIL Faux Leather Mini Backpack is the perfect mini backpack for any Halloween backpack. The orange color just screams FALL! It is the perfect choice for someone looking for the perfect purse for a theme park or party, this bag allows you to be hands free all night.

October 08, 2021 — Maisy Dawson
Find Your Wild Side

Find Your Wild Side

When it comes to animal prints, leopard is king of the jungle. If you’re looking for a subtle cheetah print our LPD Collection is perfect for you. Less is more. We love a versatile print that can be styled for a night out or a casual work day. If you’re looking for a classic look, check out this leather cheetah print purse paired with one of our many faux leather wallets. Pair it with one of our leopard infinity scarves to take your fashion sense to the next level. 

Can You Wear Leopard Print Year Round?

MommyWholesale says, YES! 
Throwing it back to the 90’s is the TLR Rainbow Cheetah pattern. Filled with vibrant rainbow like colors the TLR bags are sure to make any outfit pop out with life. Not everyone’s favorite go to colors are neutrals and would rather have items that pop out more. With the top handle cosmetic bag you can easily carry it around and store it away with no problems when you aren’t using it at that moment. The beautiful rainbow cheetah pattern nicely surrounds the top handle case and doesn’t make the design too overwhelming.

Take a walk into the wild side with our LEP collection. If you are trying to be the center of attention with a neutral color print, then this collection is for you. Cheetah print has been the trend for a while now, pur-fect for all year round. Look fierce with one of our LEP bags while at work, shopping, or a gathering this season. Girl, you’ll be looking stunning with our collection, even the leaves will fall for you. Pair your bag with hues of blacks, nudes, or reds, and you're ready for a catwalk! Don't forget cheetah is the new black since the 1960’s. Your wild heart needs beautiful wild accessories, so why not pair it with our cheetah wristlet wallet, to elevate your matching skills.

The leopard print is the perfect opportunity to be bold and chic at the same time. It’s one of the many designs that is perfect with every season due to the variety of colors we carry with the leopard or cheetah design. From a neutral brown to a 90’s throwback of rainbow colors any bag will help. The NGIL faux leather scallop fashion bag is the perfect bag for a great night out while having a boost of confidence. This bag is made of faux leather and has a top scallop lining with small metal feet on the bottom of the purse so it won’t get damaged anytime you put it down. With soft inside lining and durable double handles this bag is perfect for evening plans or a simple day at the house. Big enough to hold your full size wallet, cellphone and other major essentials you may need.

September 16, 2021 — Maisy Dawson
Vegan Leather Hybrid Backpack Purse

Vegan Leather Hybrid Backpack Purse

Whether you work in an office or are a campus student, say goodbye to messy backpacks and say hello to our organized and roomy convertible over the shoulder backpack. Crafted from quality fabrics that are water-resistant and extra durable, so they're made to go the distance with you. Enjoy the Guilty-Free Fashion with our Faux Leather Material. Equipped with golden hardware and soft Vegan Leather, you won’t have to sacrifice looks in the name of utility. Also includes a detachable, colorful strap that you can wear crossbody or over your shoulder. These backpacks are iconic as they go perfectly with any outfit. Wear it as a backpack during the day and easily switch it to an over the shoulder purse at night. Find your favorite color easily as we have 15 different colors and prints available in this style including neutral colors as well as fun prints. Can be worn multiple different ways. Don’t conform to only one backpack or purse style. We know that with your busy schedule you need a purse that will conform to your needs. Wear it up, down, or around, no matter how you style it, it will be the best backpack you can ever get your hands on. Feeling like your life is a mess? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Our versatile backpacks are designed to ease your life by having plenty of openings and compartments to help keep everything in check. May look small but has plenty of room for all of your needs. Toss your laptop, books or planner (maybe even a snack or two) into this iconic over-the-shoulder style and you’re ready to slay the day. Put the cool in school when you show up this semester now that campus is back in full session. We believe these backpacks are the new fashion statement.
September 10, 2021 — Maisy Dawson
Find Your Perfect Lunch Bag

Find Your Perfect Lunch Bag

We’re starting from the smallest lunch bag to the biggest. Let us help you find the perfect lunch bag for your needs. Whether you’re sending your kiddos off to school with a warm lunch or planning a family picnic we’ve got you covered. Scroll down and see what we have available.


This is the smallest of our lunch bags perfect for kids or adults. This lunch bag is perfectly insulated to keep your hot foods ready for lunch time or your cold foods from spoiling. You can fit a combination of small items and snacks in this bag including: A bagged sandwich, a small container of nuts or fruit, and a juice pouch or canned drink. Our canvas material is perfect for spills as it is water resistant and can be wiped clean. This lunch bag also has 2 open pockets on each side to store items like: eating utensils, napkins, and even a loving note from mom or a reminder for your kiddos. This lunch bag is 10" by 5 ¼" by 7 ½" which makes it the perfect gift for kids, coworkers, friends, and family members.

This lunch bag is a bit bigger than our last style. We like to call it our Large Lunch Bag On-The-Go and it truly lives up to its name by being the perfect size for any working individual on the go. It is medium sized and includes a top zipper closer to keep your items from falling out of your lunch bag. This lunch bag is insulated with an easy to wipe clean interior. You can fit a combination of bigger food containers, bagged sandwiches, canned drinks, fruits, and yogurt cups. This is the perfect gift for anyone who is tired of losing their reusable food containers or anyone who is conscious of the environment. This lunch bag’s dimensions are: 14.5" by 8" by 5.5".

This market basket that we carry is one of the most helpful bags to have when shopping around. Its two metal handles with soft grips makes it the perfect insulated bag for picnics, family trips, sport events, outdoor concerts, trips to the market, farmers market family gatherings, and the beach. Just like our other lunch bags, this bag is also made with durable canvas material that is water resistant and easy to clean keeping your items dry from weather conditions. The market basket is eco friendly and reusable coming in various unique one of a kind styles that are cute and stylish. The market basket is large leaving it roomy and spacious enough to fit many individual prepped meals, snacks and drinks. You won’t have to worry about your food or drinks getting cold or warm because the bag is surrounded and lined with an insulated interior and includes a zipper closure so everything is safe and secured. When in use the market basket is held up with four plastic inserts that are included inside leaving it for easy use for organization for your car trunk. When not in use the basket is designed to easily collapse for easy storage. The dimensions for this market basket are 18" by 10 ¾" by 11" 

This is our largest cooler bag we have to offer. It is insulated and comes with a convenient bottle opener. It is the perfect sized lunch tote for large families. Our cooler bags are large enough to fit all your favorite snacks and drinks. Getting ready for your perfect getaway? Our large cooler bags are great for long road trips and small vacations. These large cooler bags are designed to hold multiple medium sized drinks. They are also equipped to carry a good number of food containers so you won’t have to worry about carrying multiple cooler bags. This cooler does have a front pocket to store napkins, utensils, extra masks, or simply to just leave notes for loved ones. These iconic large cooler bags are our most popular insulated cooler because of its ideal size and their canvas material is very easy to clean. Not only are they easily cleaned, but also are easy to store away when not in use. Our cooler bag is the ideal cooler to keep cold food cold and warm foods warm with its insulated interior, but they are not intended to hold actual ice as it will melt and leak. They make perfect sense for park, beach, and outdoor gathers, making it easy to carry around with the double handles. This bag's dimensions are: 20" by 10" by 13.5".
September 09, 2021 — Zoey Collins
Calling All Plant Moms!

Calling All Plant Moms!

Looking for the perfect gift for the Plant Mom in your life? Our newest Stuck On You collection is blooming with joy! The Stuck on You cactus utility tote is perfect for gardening storage. Whether you’re looking for a heavy duty bag to organize your gardening tools or just a fun print to brighten up your shed space, MommyWholesale has you covered. Our mini totes are perfect for easy access while gardening, knitting, or doing fun projects around the house.  Keep your snacks chilled on a hot desert day or when planning a picnic for two at your favorite succulent garden with our Stuck on You print cooler bag. Be that aesthetic garden girl you dream of being. Show up at your local farmers market with our stuck on you print market basket and fill it with your favorite freshly squeezed orange juice or organic treats for your family. Our stuck on you print is designed with beautiful hues of green and pink that match beautifully with blush tones. There are over hundreds of succulent families but only one Stuck on You Print. So be part of the MommyWholesale family this succulent season. Like we always say, “Cactus Makes Perfect”.
September 02, 2021 — Zoey Collins



We believe there is no dream too big or aim too high for a strong and determined Mom. Here at MommyWholesale, we are huge supporters of small business. We love reading success stories of boutiques and shops that started small and became successful. We exist to help women start successful businesses. We encourage women to thrive in their own careers while taking care of a family. We understand that being a mom and working can be difficult. Our line of NGIL bags are easy to sell online. Whether you decide to sell them as is or start a monogram or personalization business, MommyWholesale is with you every step of the way. While our bags are unique (you won’t find anything like them in any big box store) there are even more ways of personalizing our products. Monogramming is a great way to add a little luxury—and big profits—to your embroidery business. All you need is the right equipment, training, and support. Monograms present a huge opportunity for retailers to offer a type of customization to customers. Contact us to find out how you can easily start your business with coffee in one hand, ambition in the other.
November 20, 2020 — Maisy Dawson