🐘New Print Charging In, Bohemian Elephant Collection🐘

Get ready for the stampede from our tusker friends! Welcome our new trumpeting design, the “Bohemian Elephant” to the MommyWholeSale collection! Add a spice of color to your everyday life with these bright psychedelic pachyderms. Bring the herd along during errand runs around town, showing off your strength at the gym, or being the matriarch in your work/school!

Embark on your own Pink Elephants on Parade with MommyWholeSale’s Bohemian Elephant:

  • Bohemian Elephant NGIL Duffle Bags - Don’t worry about over stuffing with our  Bohemian Elephant NGIL Duffle bags, guarantee to fit all your essential belongings! Featuring both 20” and 23” canvas duffle bags, providing ample spacing for when you are on the go.

With its bright colorful design, the MommyWholeSale’s Bohemian Elephant makes an excellent addition to your collection. The print is just as versatile and cute as an elephant’s trunk! Accompanied with a durable material to handle wear and tear, you can always rest assured that your lunchbox, tote, or cosmetic bag will handle the burdens of everyday life. Whether you are safariing at the grocery store, heading to work, or studying at school, the Bohemian Elephant is sure to make an everlasting impact on those around you!

Check out the Bohemian Elephant Collection here!

November 22, 2023 — Shannon Baker