Glitter Fanny Packs: The Perfect Accessory for Fall Cheer and Dance

Fall is here, and cheerleaders are gearing up for their performances. MommyWholesale's Glitter Fanny Pack Collection is the perfect accessory to add some sparkle to your cheers and routines this season.

Sparkle and Shine
Our glitter fanny packs are designed to catch the light, ensuring you're the star of the show. The glitter is sealed securely, so it won't flake or fade, keeping your fanny pack dazzling throughout your performances.

Cheer On-the-Go
Stay focused on your routines with our hands-free glitter fanny packs. They provide a convenient and stylish way to carry your essentials, including keys, phone, makeup, and more. The adjustable straps guarantee a comfortable fit while you cheer.

Versatile and Compact
Despite their small size, these fanny packs offer ample storage. The main compartment and the front zippered pocket keep your cheer essentials within easy reach.

Team-Ready Colors
Choose from a range of fall-ready colors to match your team's style. Go for classic autumn shades or timeless black and silver to make a statement this season.

Shine Bright
With MommyWholesale's Glitter Fanny Pack Collection, you'll be ready to cheer your heart out in style. Fall has never looked so fabulous. Grab your glitter fanny pack and sparkle on the sidelines!

With MommyWholesale's Glitter Fanny Pack Collection, you'll not only be ready to cheer and dance your heart out but also do it in style. Fall has never looked so fabulous! Browse our glitter collection here! 



October 23, 2023 — Lauren Grant