School Team-Ready Gold Glitter Cheer Bags ✨

If you're in search of the perfect gold team color in bulk, look no further than MommyWholesale's Gold Glitter Collection.  Our curated selection offers a sparkling array of gold glitter bags that not only  add a touch of glamour to your team or school events. If you're gearing up for a sports competition, spirited , our Gold Glitter Collection ensures that you and your team shine and enhance your team look! Ideal for schools or team with the color gold! MommyWholesale has you covered for all your bulk gold team color needs, ensuring that your collective spirit sparkles brighter than ever before.

Featured in our gold collection : 💛

  • Gold Glitter NGIL Canvas Carry-on 20" Duffle Bag:  Cheer and dance essential! Stylish and spacious, it effortlessly carries everything from uniforms to pom-poms. Its convenient carry-on size ensures practicality, keeping you ready to shine in rehearsals and on the move.
  • Gold Glitter NGIL Large Cosmetic Travel Pouch:  The ultimate companion for cheer and dance competitions. Compact and stylish, it's perfect for organizing competition-ready makeup essentials and ensures you shine both on and off the stage! 
  • Gold Glitter NGIL Canvas Backpack: Stylish and functional, it adds a touch of sparkle to complement your dynamic routines. With space for essentials, it ensures you're always competition-ready. Elevate your cheer and dance game effortlessly with this dazzling backpack!

    This sparkly collection not only adds a touch of glamour to your performances but also captures the lively spirit of cheer and dance.  So, why wait? Give your dance or cheer  team that extra sparkle with MommyWholesale's Glitter Gold Collection. Let every shimmering detail shout out your team's passion and energy, making every performance an absolute showstopper. Don't miss out on this chance to take your cheer or dance vibes to a whole new level!

    January 15, 2024 — Autumn Graham