Ice Skating Mode: ON!!! with NGIL Glitter Bag Collection

It is only cold if you are standing still, so why not warm yourself this cold season in the ice rink. Gather your ice skates and stroll over to the local rinks because the colder the rink the warmer the memories. But why hassle carrying all your gear and uniform on hand when you can walk in style with MommyWholeSale’s Glitter Collection! Our Glitter Bags are a perfect utility for any ice skater. Whether you enjoy skating for fun or participate in competitions such as a figure skating or perhaps shows on ice, you can depend on the sparkle shines of MommyWholeSale Glitter Bags to assist in the organization of your gear while maintaining the sparkles of your aesthetics. 

Wholesale Utility Tote Bag: Attention all figure skaters and ice skaters! Tired of lugging around your gear in a boring duffel bag? Look no further than the Glitter Tote Bag. Not only does it add a touch of sparkle to your practice, but it's also practical and spacious. Zipper closure? Check. Multiple pockets? Check. Key ring? Check. Plus, the size is just right for all your necessities. And don't let the name fool you, this bag is versatile enough to use as a diaper bag, shopping bag, travel bag, gym bag, and more! So ditch the drab and upgrade to the glamor of the Glitter Tote Bag for your next ice skating adventure. Trust us, your gear will thank you.

Glitter NGIL Duffle Bag: With dimensions of approximately L:18" x W:9" x H:13", this spacious bag can fit all your ice skating gear, from your boots to your costume. And, with its adjustable and removable shoulder strap, you can easily transport all your equipment to and from the rink. Plus, the glitter design adds just the right amount of sparkle to show off your style while you practice your jumps and spins. Don't settle for an ordinary bag when you can upgrade to the Medium Glitter Duffle Bag for all your ice skating adventures.

Glitter NGIL Backpack: As figure skaters, we all know that lugging around our gear can be quite the hassle. But fear not, my fellow ice enthusiasts! The solution to all our problems? A glitter backpack, of course! Not only does it add a bit of sparkle to our practice routine, but the nylon/polyester material is both easy to clean and water-resistant, meaning our beloved gear will stay safe and dry. With plenty of storage space in the main compartment and additional pockets, this backpack is the perfect size to carry everything from your blades to your favorite practice playlist. And let's not forget the adjustable strap, ensuring maximum comfort while we strut our stuff on the ice. So next time you head to the rink, make sure you've got your glitter backpack in tow. You'll never go back to boring gear bags again!

Tis the season to be freezing! Shop MommyWholeSale's Glitter Collection of bags and let your gear glisten like the rinks you spin on. With tote bags for teenagers, backpacks for young'uns, and duffle bags galore, storing your gear has never been more sparkly and fabulous. Don't give up on fashion while hitting it big on the ice— treat yourself to the luxurious glamour of a glitter bag! Make sure you get all eyes on you this season with one of MommyWholeSale's Glitter Collection pieces – everyone deserves a bag that truly twinkles!

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December 01, 2023 — Shannon Baker