Pumpkin Spice & Cowhide Nice: MommyWholesale's Fall Bags🎃🐄

Get ready to saddle up for Halloween because MommyWholesale is about to transform your spooky season with a twist of cowhide chic! This fall, we're not just talking costumes; we're talking about Mommywholesale's  cowhide print that will elevate your trick-or-treat game, help you organize your makeup for those Halloween parties, and even stylish baskets to take to the pumpkin patch Plus, our cowhide collection includes bags that are as bewitching as they are practical. So, whether you're herding candy on Halloween night or corralling your cosmetics, MommyWholesale's Cowhide Collection is your go-to source for style and spookiness this season! 

 Here is some of our favorites:

  1. Black Cowhide NGIL Messenger Hipster Bag: This trendy messenger hipster bag is a must-have for all your fall outings. With its durable cowhide exterior and adjustable strap, it's not only fashion-forward but also practical. Whether you're apple picking, exploring a haunted house, or simply strolling through a pumpkin patch, this bag keeps your essentials close and your hands free for all the fall fun.

  2. Black Cowhide NGIL Utility Bag: When you're heading out for a day of Halloween preparations, this utility bag is your trusty sidekick. Its spacious interior and multiple pockets provide room for carrying all your spooky decorations, carving tools, or even your kid's trick-or-treat haul. The cowhide exterior adds a touch of rustic elegance to your Halloween DIY projects.

  3. Black Cowhide NGIL Large Cosmetic Travel Pouch: As the Halloween season brings a flurry of parties and gatherings, you'll want to keep your makeup essentials in order. This large cosmetic travel pouch is ideal for organizing your Halloween makeup palette, brushes, and accessories. Its stylish cowhide design is perfect for achieving that bewitching look before heading to your Halloween soirée.

These MommyWholesale cowhide bags not only elevate your fall fashion game but also make your Halloween and fall activities more convenient and stylish than ever. So, grab your favorite cowhide accessory and embrace the magic of the season!  

October 04, 2023 — Autumn Graham