School Fundraiser Planning Wholesale Products on Sale Buy in Bulk for Cheap Big Profit

Looking for the easiest, most effective fundraiser for your team, school, or group? We have the best School Fundraising Wholesale opportunity for you. Now that you have decided to hold a fundraiser it is time to choose the right fundraising products for your cause. Mommy Wholesale makes picking the right items fun and easy.We have a wide assortment of wholesale fundraising products. We have many different products ranging from tote bags, handbags, wallets, organizers, backpacks and so much more.

We have fundraiser products designed for small groups and fundraising products designed for large groups. Mommywholesale offers the highest profit potential possible. We will cater to your specific fundraising needs, just give us a call and find out what we can do for you. Not convinced? We offer fundraising opportunities, church groups, clubs, sports teams, breast cancer awareness, cancer research, and other great causes. Ask us how you can have access to our special fundraising packages and pricing. We pride ourselves in our ability to supply bulk discount fundraising items and wholesale donor & volunteer recognition gifts and incentives at very competitive prices.

Our bags are designed to be personalized. Whether you have a monogramming fundraising idea or just want to make our bags even more personal, any of our NGIL products will be sure to be a hot seller. With a variety of styles and prints, patterns or themes you will have a wide selection to fit your demographic.

There are a lot of different fundraising items from which to choose. As long as the items are useful or fun, chances are people will buy them. Our NGIL bags are unique and feature fun and bright patterns and prints you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We constantly update our inventory with the hottest trends. Our collections are special and timeless and can easily become collectibles. Don’t miss out on your chance to run the most successful fundraiser for your group. 

We believe in your cause and stand by all of our clients. This is why we give you access to special fundraising deals. We want what’s best for you and help you make your customers happy and satisfied. MommyWholesale is a proud official NGIL product distributor,and we work hard to offer you wholesale prices. We will work even harder to ensure that fundraising distributors get factory-direct prices that make fundraising affordable and equitable for schools. Don’t hesitate to contact our team to begin your successful fundraising event.

June 05, 2020 — Tiffany Hart