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Dogs and many other pets are amazing creatures that are often there for us despite any mood that we’re in. They often give us their undivided attention and shower us with their unconditional love. From regular dog lovers to overprotective pet parents there is always the difficult quest of finding the perfect gift for either yourself or someone else. Well now you can show your love for dogs with our collection of dog inspired bags, wallets, totes, duffel bags and backpacks all featuring man's best friend - your dog! 

Our beautiful puppy collection comes in 3 different designs  and various styles including the Floral Puppy Print, Puppy Paws with gold accents and our Puppy Happy Beach Day Print. Our bags range from 20”/23” inch duffle bags, totes, backpack to a more minimal use such as small cosmetic cases, mini backpacks , and so much more!

Our Floral Puppy Print Bags are whimsical and unique. Perfect for any spring or summer outing. Show them off on the runway or the doggy park. Our Floral Puppy NGIL Zippered Caddy Organizer Tote Bag, is perfect for a picnic at the park because of all of the compartments. Perfect for organizing your items and the accessories for your four legged friends . 

Have you or anyone you know ever gone to the market and forgotten to take your reusable bags or ever thought most of your items will only fit into one small tote bag? Well with the Floral Puppy Mega Shopping Utility Tote Bag you won’t have to struggle with your items when shopping ever again! Made of durable canvas material that’s easy to wipe clean, this bag also has two  mesh pockets on each side to carry your water bottles or any small item you may want to put away. A smaller version of this shopping tote is available as the Floral Puppy NGIL Utility Bag. This wonderful bag measures approx.: 23 "L X 11.5 "D X 12.5 "H. Perfect utility tote for picnics, beach bag, camping bag, shopping bag, weekender bag, storage basket, travel bags, and even as a toy basket. These bags make excellent car and home organizers. Perfect for long road trips. 

If you or your little one are looking for a cute backpack to show off your love for puppies why not check out our adorable puppy backpacks. Our puppy prints are unique and will stand out amongst any ordinary backpack.

Check out our full selection of dog print bags and dog print accessories. We love all animals and feature many Animal-themed Handbags and totes be sure to check all our animals in the farm.