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The most essential thing a home health nurse carries is a bag. A nursing bag is filled with the most essential and important tools to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort. Some of the best and most useful home health nurse bags can be found at Mommywholesale. Whether a nurse or aide is looking for a conveniently sized bag to fit their needs, Mommywholesale has an array of different sizes, patterns, and bag styles to choose from. 

Each patient is different so every nurse has a different need that must be met when choosing a work bag. Our Caddy Totes and utility Tote bags are perfect due to the roomy interior of the bags as well as the amount of pockets. 

When visiting a medical office the first person to greet you besides the receptionist are  the wonderful nurses who ask how you’ve been feeling lately and often are the ones who take your vitals before the doctor has the chance to see you. They do their best to ensure that you are feeling comfortable and rely on the resources they have in their offices, but what about the at home nurses that often have to carry their medical equipment from house to house? At home nurses and caregivers often have to carry their medical belongings, their medical tools and medicines along with their patients records in one bag or tote. The bag they carry from home to home is one of the most important and essential items they carry because their entire work is in that bag. 

The Nurse Life NGIL Zippered Caddy Organizer Tote Bag is a cute style tote bag for anyone who works in the medical profession especially for home caregivers and at home nurses. The small caddy tote has various pockets and zipper closure. It’s cute and lightweight but durable enough to ensure that a nurse's items don’t fall out. The caddy tote even sports a keyring so any nurse or caregiver can easily place their keys instead of holding them or storing them in their pants pocket. The style is small enough for nurses who only have one or two patients to visit and want to easily place their medical tools, needed or important medication and their patients medical records all in one bag.

The small utility tote comes in a variety of prints that is sure to reflect the nurse or caregiver carrying the bag. Although the utility tote is small compared to some of the other bags Mommy Wholesale carries it is still efficient for everyday use. The small utility tote can be used by caregivers for their small medical equipment, carry any of their own personal belongings.

August 21, 2020 — Maisy Dawson