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Mommywholesale is sure to have the latest trends to bring customers through your door. We at MommyWholesale are big advocates of small businesses. We started off as a small business and through the support of our loyal customers we have all grown together. Due to the support and loyalty of our customers we can now return the favor and supply them with the best wholesale bags at a low price. Most of our loyal customers are small hometown pharmacies, boutiques, online shops, and hospital gift shops. 

Hospital gifts shops are often filled with visitors who purchase flowers, plush animals, and various small gifts for the person they may be visiting at the moment. Hospital gift shops are highly important and very popular amongst visitors and hospital employees who make up over 75% of the customers.These employees want more than a 'gift' shop. They’re not just looking for gifts' they also look to use the hospital gift store. One of the most successful businesses we have had the pleasure of growing with are small hometown pharmacies and hospital gift shops. We offer a vast selection of gifts for nurses and healthcare workers. 

Our most popular nurse bag is our Nurse Caddy Tote Organizer which is available in our three favorite Nurse themed prints. Mommy Wholesale carries small cosmetic nurse theme bags to large market tote bags that can be used for any of your essential needs. In need of an affordable but cute gift for a friend? Mommy Wholesale has the perfect gift for last minute events that your friends and family members are sure to love.

Gift shops and hometown pharmaceuticals are a place of wonders and varieties. From carrying one's medical needs to last minute gifts. Stop into your local pharmacy for a quality gift item that is unique.  

Our popular Nurse Caddy Tote Organizer can be used for almost anything. From organizing your personal essentials to gifting to a loved one who works in the medical field. 

In many small hometowns, small business owners thrive due to the loyalty and respect of the customers they often receive. Small town boutiques and pharmaceutical stores try their very best in order to ensure that they have the best items for their customers in order to keep them happy when shopping. As the leading small town shop supplier, we also have the trendiest items readily available.

July 30, 2020 — Tiffany Hart