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The next trendist flexible and stylish bag is making its way to Mommywholesale! Neoprene bags are made up of soft, thick, flexible, and simplistic material. You're going to want to get your hands on these bags as soon as we bring them in. Neoprene is a strong fabric that will not rip or tear, it is water and weather resistant, perfect for all year round. On top of being strong and weather resistant it is also light weight, soft, and flexible, for easy get away trips, and shopping sprees. This neoprene material will be used in our soon to come, totes, duffles, cosmetic bags, and caddy organizer bags. Neoprene bags will be a game changer in your daily life. Our Neoprene bags will provide your daily look with style, comfort, and versatility to wear and accessorize with for every occasion, from errands, to beach trips, to date nights! Despite all the things these bags you'll soon have in your hands have to offer, they are machine washable! By summer you will definitely want to own one.These neoprene bags are also very durable consisting of a cushioned material that is made to protect your delicate and essential items you carry in your bag.You know that stuff your yoga mat is made of? Well that is the same exact material used for these beautiful soon to come bags. Honestly, it is also the perfect bag for the gym! We're telling you it will be the perfect bag for your busy daily life, to your weekend getaways. MommyWholesale will be bringing these bags from the summery colorful prints, to the solid simplistic hues. These bags will not go out of style, and you will never get tired of its soft touch, and it’s capacity to hold so much. So keep an eye out for when we drop our new neoprene bags because you'll want to be hopping onto this next trend.  


December 13, 2021 — Lauren Grant