With Christmas fast approaching, the gift rush is now peaking. If you are feeling confused about what to gift your loved ones, feel inspired with our easy to monogram glitter bags. Our glitter bags make the perfect gift that is cruelty-free and durable to last a lifetime. Gifting this holiday season is a reflection of your taste and choice preference. So why not show off your creative side and give your loved ones a personalized glitter bag. Trust the experts, we know your loved ones will appreciate the thoughtful gift.

This year, we have picked out one of our favorite glitter duffel bags that we know will make the perfect gift. Gift the GLE420-SLV to your favorite cheerleader or your best friend. This duffel bag has enough inner and outer pockets for anyone's convenience. Our next pick is the GLE821-ROY. This glitter tote is the perfect winter blue to fit all winter outfits. It also makes the best gift if you get it personalized for that special someone. Our glitter tote bags are not only stylish but so versatile. Looking for a bag to help your vacation trip feel easier?

The TUK403-GRY backpack is exactly what you need this holiday season to help you with your traveling needs. It helps fit all traveling supplies and makes the perfect carry-on bag. 

During the holiday rush, many of us are currently holiday shopping and need to move quickly and swiftly. Making sure that we don’t leave our wallets behind to make purchases P1058-GRY is the perfect bag when holiday shopping or spending time with family. This faux leather grey handbag is also the perfect gift for friends and family.

The leather tassels add a hint of cuteness and are large and spacious enough to carry your important belongings. The SNM838-NVY weekender bag is the perfect gift for those who love the winter wonderland aesthetic and want to be around it all year long. This weekender duffle has faux leather handles and removable straps for anyone’s convenience. Last but not least is the midday tote bag in our design SNM731-NVY surrounded by cute little snow people bringing a smile to anyone who owns it. With its various outside pockets, you can store little trinkets or cute extra gifts of your liking. 

December 20, 2021 — Autumn Graham